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Good evening everyone.

I'd like to thank everyone again who has made a comment and also those who have offered to help with hosting and maintenance et cetera. I woke up this morning irritated with and I am now glad to say that I am not the only one.

I'd also like to thank Tinus de Jager at SABC news for his email. It is the SABCs viewpoint that "any such coverage would give credence to something that, at the time of writing this, had no credence at all". I agree totally and appreciate their stance.

However, I have already started the ball rolling on this blog, and I am happy to say that the number of positive comments today is much larger than the '113 tourists' Mr Watson claims he has turned away from South Africa. Hopefully, those 113 will see that there are many more South Africans who will give any tourist a warm welcome.

I am not through all of the comments yet, but I am getting there. I am also pleased to note that there are people as far away as Japan and New Zealand who support what this blog is doing.

If any of you are tourists who have changed your mind, let me know. Comments are WELCOME. Also, please check out the links on the right hand side of the main page. Here are the real South African web sites with credible information. There is also a site for you to contact if you want to really DO something.




At 8:33 PM, July 07, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every country is full of crime...before I returned to SA, you could not walk a park in Frankfurt without a gas pistol. Lufthansa told the Jamaican goverment that if they didnt stop the Crew bus robberies..they would discontinue 1986!!
Tourists know allabout South America...Peurto Rico...we just have to step up police protection in tourist areas!
This guys website should be flooded with angry insulted south africans

At 8:53 PM, July 07, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The criminals in SA must be smacking their lips in glee waiting for all the lambs you are trying to bring to the slaughter for them. Maybe since foreigners are softer targets, the criminals will focus on lynching them instead and leave ordinary South Africans alone. So I say bring on the suckers!

At 9:23 PM, July 07, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don not agree with Neil's site, I am a South African studying in the US and is in daily contact with news back home. Despite all the crime SA is still the best place to be. I was also a victim of hijacking in Cape Town, but life goes on, I might be now in a very secure environment in the US but I can't wait to be back in Cape Town. Don’t give in to these criminals, by sensationalizing their crimes, you just propagating their efforts. Chasing tourist away just makes the situation worse. Why not make it difficult for criminals to stay, we should expose them and drive them out….

A South African in Ohio

At 9:54 PM, July 07, 2006, Blogger Patrick said...

Anonymous #2

Either your post is twisted satire, or it is so utterly lacking in reason that I would completely ignore it if I didn't fear someone might be taken in by the idiocy.

It's got to be satire.

At 10:40 PM, July 07, 2006, Blogger Len said...

South Africa is truly a democratic country. In other many other countries, a website such as this would have been closed and would have led to unwanted attention for Mr Watson. Thankfully, he is allowed to have his say in the manner he chooses.
It is therefore unfortunate that Mr Watson does not deem it fit to allow access and space to people who happen to differ (with reason) with his method of highlighting problems in the country.
Lest I be seen as someone who does not understand or even aware of the reality of our crime situation.
In the past 15 years, my brother was murdered and his killers never investigated because it was not considered a priority in 1991. I have had my home broken into 2 times and no one arrested for both of these break-ins. My car window was smashed and someone grabbed my items in the car, while I experienced a few break-ins at my parents place in Cape Town. So, I do not believe that denying there is crime in South Africa will solve anything. However, I also do not believe that Mr Watson's method of solving the problem is the right thing to do.
How is encouraging the flight of income going to encourage anyone (let alone allow for enough money to let their wishes be a reality) to act? By preventing potential income, Mr Watson will add to the crime problem and at the end, the politicians will have less and less interest in sorting out the problems and will be encouraged to line the pockets with whatever is left.
Writing to Sepp Blatter to take away the World Cup does somehow that Mr Watson is not after the end of crime, rather revenge for whatever deed befell him. It is a shame when one individual believes that his method is the only alternative and anyone that disagrees with him does not deserve a voice. Imagine if we had a similar type of government? Oh wait, we had it just 12 years ago.
I would also be interested in whether Mr Watson has intentionally and will fully broken any laws lately including
jaywalking, speeding, running a red-light, not stopping at a stop street, etc. Before you start saying this is not similar to murder, consider that even murderers graduated from pick pocketing. Taxi drivers started off by ignoring some silly laws like amber lights, no parking zones, solid white no overtaking lines and pedestrian walks. Unfortunately, any intentional disregard of a law makes you a criminal whether claiming travelling allowance when none is due to you or failing to declare income that is taxable.
Notice how we often jump up and down when others break the laws, but we minimise our criminal activities?
By all means do something, pressure the government, attend Policing forums, form street committees or move to Australia, but do not assume that the option you choose for yourself and your bunch of limited friends is the only solution.
Your actions will lead to more criminality and losing the world cup will reduce the need for the Minister to do crime cleanups and hire more cops. The World Cup is exactly what makes him act.
Think a little

Len Anderson
PO BOX 753
Banbury Cross

At 10:43 PM, July 07, 2006, Blogger Len said...

This was sent to Neil Watson, but he refuses to respond por publish it:

Send to:

I have another suggestion to include in your Tips for Tourists

Why not advise all black tourists to avoid going near a farm just in case they get killed, and towed behind a bakkie or even having their children being mistaken for dogs or thrown into lion enclosures.

I also notice that you do not publish SMS that do not offer support.

One can use the N1 to Bellville and take Modderdam Road. While this is long and silly to use, it is not true to say there is no other way.

Do you believe that taking away the World Cup would have the effect of politicians doing more to protect tourists?

Forgive me, but I would suspect that the World Cup would make the politicians go all the way out to ensure that the event goes without incident.

We have hosted other big events (and your opposition then is noted by its absence) including Cricket and Rugby World Cup without the slaughter of tourists as you predict (unless you believe soccer tourists are more vulnerable). So, what makes you think 2010 would be different (especially since it is 4 years away)

I have been victim of crime and so has some of my friends, but we believe that the World Cup will force the politicians to reconsider their stance on what to do about crime. Failure t do something ill embarrass the country. I doubt if any politician (no matter how crass and incompetent) would never wish to do something that would lead to his demise.

What I do like about your effort is that you are doing something instead of just Whingeing from Australia. I disagree with the methods because it is selfish and does not consider other potential solutions to the problem.

Consider that the effect of your effort (if it works, and is not laughed at as an effort of a Looney who has lost his marbles) if tourists stop coming to South Africa. It will increase unemployment in places like KZN, Western Cape, and Eastern Cape and create even more opportunity for criminals. Lack of investors in these places will force some borderline honest citizens to consider crime as their only option. Taking away their livelihood is sure way to drive them to crime.

We all agree that levels of crime in this country, especially of a violent nature, is too much and something has to be done, but I think your website will add to more crime in that it will force politicians into aa defensive mode i.e. ill not be forced by the likes of you to do what they were planning to do.

Imagine that you will claim credit for anything done to combat crime, even if it was planned. Also, politicians will deny that your actions had any bearing on their decision. So, your website becomes a barometre of bad news, rather than a reflection of South Africa.

Have you ever traveled for a significant period outside of South Africa or lived outside of South Africa?

Consider this, in New Orleans with a population of 200,000 after Katrina, 450 people have been killed in about 6 months.

I really hope you have considered your actions because if your plan does not work, consider that you will have created even worse problems for the people that support your misguided effort to move the World Cup to Australia

At 11:48 PM, July 07, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

South Africans love to create a false sense of security and herein lies the danger.

Australians, Kiwis and many other Nations have a completely different style of living than South Africans do. For example, here in New Zealand I can hop on a bus or a train or a taxi and I will know that it is safe, reliable and clean. I also know that the taxi driver won't have cardboard for brake pads or that he won't be steering with a gun in one hand and a monkey wrench in the other - I can already hear you say that they are upgrading the taxis etc. - yeah, yeah .. they have been promising this for the last 8 years. Just as they promised that the Gautrain will be completed by 2010 (and you know that a media release a few days ago announced that it won't be anywhere near completion) or that shanty towns will be erradicated by 2006 .. LOL.

Australians and Kiwis can roam the streets at night, especially in the city centres .. what is going to happen to unsuspecting tourists during the FIFA WC in 2010 ?.. In South Africa you can't roam the streets in the city centres without being harrassed by beggers and street children carrying knives (or are you quick to forget how many tourists have been stabbed in Cape Town's city centre by street children or how many delegates were attacked in Durban while they were attending a conference). It is normal for us to do as we please and to walk where we want to here. Most tourists won't even know that you can't drive around with your window open and that you must hide your back-pack/bag under your car seat or else you are a target. In New Zealand I throw my back-pack on the seat next to me, I drive with my windows wide open and I don't bother locking the doors .. it is habit. Do you expect foreigners to know this ?

South Africans compare the 1995 RWC to The soccer World Cup and say if we pulled it off then we can do it again .. ha ha ... the crime rate was much lower back then and the infrastructure had not deteriorated to the point that it is now - why don't you tell the people that cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg have weekly black-outs ? Why don't you tell us about the major traffic problems you have over there because money hasn't been spent on road infrastructure since the days of apartheid or the sprawling shanty towns that are in dire need of infrastructure ?? The Rugby World Cup can't even begin to compare to the logistics of The Soccer World Cup - catch a wake up and smell the coffee ! South Africa was better off in 1995 compared to what it is now.

Here is another wake up call - you can't expect to use an event like the Soccer World Cup to learn how other country's deal with issues. When South Africa bid for FIFA, the country also said LOOK we are ready and we can do it .. not LOOK maybe we can learn something from it. South Africa is beyond dangerous, maybe not to you or your fellow Saffers living in Wonderland but it is dangerous for the people visiting the Country, especially for the people who come from Countries with a different sense of security and lifestyle .. that thought never crossed you mind - did it ?

I am willing to bet that you haven't even given a thought to the 20 MILLION (Australia's entire population) people who earn less than a Dollar a day in South Africa. All you see is Gautrain (which is costing 20 billion Rand) and new stadiums (which is also costing billions) etc. The money should be spent fighting crime (paying policemen more - isn't that why they are just as corrupt as the criminals ?) and uplifting the poor. So please remember this when you are watching the Soccer Cup in 2010 and I am willing to bet that we are going to hear some horror stories coming out of SA in 2010 .. gentlemen place your bets !!

At 4:23 AM, July 08, 2006, Anonymous Nick Boden said...

HI Adam

There is no direct email link to you, but I would like to sponsor your domain name registration.

Please contact me at



At 5:04 AM, July 08, 2006, Anonymous Jonathan Gordon said...

Hi Guys,

Yes we can always find some statistics in other newspapers talking about crime overseas but it does not compare. We live in abnormal circumstances and the money that could be used to fight crime and AIDS is used to bring the World Cup to SA!! Where are our priorities??

People are starving and cold and desperate and there is moral decay. All of our money and resources should be aimed at changing this and building a healthy NEW South Africa for all. Not grandstanding a world cup and distracting the government with rubbish. Let them focus on the important issues. Tell Thabo to get his head out of the rest of Africa and focus on his home where his people need him!!

I am currently visiting Australia and I can tell you that it is damn hard to make a living here. We have it easy in SA when it comes to opportunities but there is one thing here and it feels amazing. You can walk around at 1am in a park and sit on a bench and close your eyes and noone will touch you :-) That is something truly priceless that we just don't understand. We need that.

Yes Watson's site focusses on the negative. But whatever is on the site sadly is TRUE. None of us can deny that. And very little so far has changed! Maybe his broadcast on the negative will get people talking because most of us go through life each day in Joburg not listening to the news so that we can cope!

At 11:19 AM, July 08, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is indeed most unfortunate that Neil Watson's site has become necessary to highlight the shocking degredation of our beautiful country South Africa!

The crime and grime is a daily reality and growing worse with every unemployed refugee crossing our borders, in the hopes of a better life.
While one has sympathy with them we already have masses of our own people who need to be uplifted, housed and educated without taking on refugees from other countries where corruption and mismanagement and wars are endemic!
The minority pay for the majority here, and we are reeling under the addition burden!
Brutal robberies with accompanying torture are committed frequently with little more than material goods like cell phones and electronic luxury goods being taken. If genuine poverty was the reason - as we are supposed to believe - more basic items like food and clothing would feature on the list. Often nothing is stolen in these hienous crimes, and more often still, nothing is done to bring the perps to book.
The commando units have been disbanded leaving the farming community soft targets for the criminals.
The list goes on and on.

Do we want tourists?
Yes of course we do!! BUT, when we are told that everything will be done to protect them, while we the citizens live in constant daily fear are we supposed to believe those in charge?
When the Minister of Safety & Security says those whingeing about crime should leave the country - should we believe them?
When article after article refers to the lack of interest shown by the police force when crimes are reported, should we believe them?
When the police do in fact catch the criminals, dockets go missing or warders assist with jail escapes. If that isn't enough we then have prisoners unleashed on the community to re-offend, just because of overcrowding or someone having a birthday and feeling magnanimous - the same person who enjoys 24/7/365 protection - paid for by the taxpayers... Should we believe them?

Please, those of you have left South Africa for whatever reason, DON"T tell us what a wonderful country we have, without taking the above into consideration.We are here - you not!
Don't tell us every country has crime - we live here and South Africa is the issue where crime is out of control.
Where else in the world does the police station have protection supplied by a private security company??

We have beautiful countryside, but no longer a country to be proud of in the true sense of the word.

COME HOME and live the lives we live on a daily basis - when the CITIZENS are safe, so will the tourists be.

At 3:52 AM, July 10, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can add Hong Kong to your list of far flung South Africans offering support. I was truely sad to see the crime-expo SA site.

Keep up the good work.

At 4:08 PM, July 10, 2006, Blogger Len said...

I was in Madrid about 5 years ago as a tourist. Two guys had a plan. I was accompanied by an elderly gentleman who never noticed what happened.
One of the 2 guys dropped his keys on the entrance of the Madrid Subway on one of the main street stations, not far from our hotel. When the first guy bent over to pick up his keys, the my companion had to stop and I had to stop as well. Then, the guy behind me put his hand in my pocket and fished out my wallet.
I turned immediately and raised my fist to strike at the idiot (stupid reaction thing, I know). He gave me my walllet back.
I have been told of similar stories by school girls in the Paris subways.
Also while in Madrid, we walked bast a jewellery store that had just experienced a smash and grab.
Not saying that these are comparable, but it helps to be on the lookout.
While in Barcelona, we started panicking because the road names and our map did correspond. So, we asked the taxi driver for directions. He motioned for us to get into his cab. We did. He took us halfway North of Barcelona before coming back to within 100 metres of where we were. Obviously, we found out later that day and decided against reporting the individual
All this happened in Spain

At 4:12 PM, July 12, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neil Watson works for an Insurance company. What's the best way to sell insurance?? Through FEAR!!

Where does the R3 you are charged per SMS on his site go to????

At 9:49 AM, July 26, 2006, Blogger Moredagga said...

Len and others, catch a wake up man! The place is a war zone! I and many others I speak to support Neil Watson in this attempt to get the government to stand up and DO SOMETHING and get off their asses. Drastic situations call for drastic measures. You cite the loss of revenue will only exacerbate the situation. Well how much revenue is being lost by tourists not coming now because of crime and what is the loss to the country of the hundreds of thousands of would be skilled and professionals who have left or will leave in the near future.


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