Sunday, July 09, 2006

What to do?

jp said...

"I’d like to see the websites develop into though[t]-provoking, informative, factual sources on South Africa, its crime situation and possible solutions. Unfortunately things seem to be going the other way …" 2:24 PM, July 09, 2006

I have been wondering this weekend about possible solutions to the problems this blog is trying to dismantle. It is great that people have opinions and that there is a place for people to express themselves freely, but what then? One of the main problems facing us, as South Africans is a lack of trustworthy information. Most of what is being said has no real basis, because we aren't given proper stats by the police. What South Africa really needs, other than a couple of web sites of opinion, is one of fact. A good example has been pointed out: Chicago Crime Database.

I don't have the time or the resources to develop something like this. However, Crime Expo SA does. That is one possible route I would like to see that web site go.

Also, I have been looking at a comment about trying to use this site to raise money for charities or foundations, by offering advertising space. At the moment, I'm going to say no, but I'm open to comments and opinions, for example, is it ethical, is it worthwhile, and what sort of charity. I am very hesitant to commercialise any aspect of this debate.


Talking ethical...

Good morning.

I found a comment from anonymous claiming that "Mr Watson's website is about letting victims tell the truth" and that my blog is "suppressing the truth about crime in SA". I think it is important for me to say AGAIN that no comments on my blog are edited at all, whether they support what I believe or not. Mr Watson, however, does not post any comments which do not praise him or agree with his methods. The purpose of this blog is to balance out his lies. Personally, I would tend to believe that Neil Watson is suppressing the truth.

Anonymous also sends a message "to all the companies that are offering all kinds of assistance to adolescent Addy. To you I say to hell with your profits and money, human lives, all of them, are way more important. Careful Addy I can see you becomming [sic] the little smiling faced idiot on their billboards promoting a safe SA."

Although I appreciate the offers of assistance I have received, as well as the offers for hosting et cetera, I have not accepted any of these offers yet. I have earned no money, nor will I earn any money at all from this blog. The people who have offered to help have not asked for any money nor have they requested advertising space, although I wouldn't see a problem with this. Another problem I had with the comment from anonymous is that I would become the smiling faced idiot on 'their' billboards. The only smiling face I've seen is the one on the Crime Expo SA web site asking for people to advertise.