Monday, July 10, 2006

I'm not going anywhere

Thanks to everyone who is coming back to see what's going on. There are some lively debates happening and I have even been emailed requests to remove news reports, as well as a couple of less savoury emails, asking me to remove the entire blog. I have asked for comments from political parties, and whether or not they get back to me is up to them. I'll include the list of parties I mailed below. I don't think I missed any, but let me know if I have.


SABC News won't comment on the whole Crime Expo SA web site because they don't want to give creedence to it. I understood that, until someone told me that Mr Watson was interviewd on SAFM. Did anyone catch that interview? What do you think? I'm worried that there are press agencies and news services reporting inaccurate and biased information using only Mr Watson's site as a reference. It doesn't listen to ALL South Africans.

Visit one of the sites on the right. They're all good.



Under Attack?

I have a simple question. What does posting news stories do to help anybody? I am not deleting any comments at all. Good or bad, so if you want to say something say it.

This morning 'Anonymous' decided that it would serve his or her agenda well to try and compete against positive comments by posting news article after news article about crime in South Africa. In fact, there is no point. I have never, nor has anyone else said on this blog that crime is not a problem. We're all in agreement there. The debate is how to handle the problem. Flooding the site with news reports is not constructive.

If anyone wants to see the news today, please visit:



Mail & Guardian

There are many more.

Even occassionally has negative stories about South Africa, but you know what. They also have positives.

'Anonymous', most people who comment on this site use the Anon option because it is easier. Identify yourself if you have something constructive to say. Be negative if you want, but I don't need the extra hits or the comments if there is nothing constructive to be said. If you want to refer to a story, don't publish the entire story, rather publish a link. It makes life easier for all of us.

Have a good day, everyone.


More from the web

I came across this page after the author left a comment on the Unbroken Barometer.

Here is an excerpt:

"Watson’s move would actually be welcomed if his site contained cautionary advice - for let’s not kid ourselves, South Africa is plagued by high levels of crime. It’s equally true, however, that by taking the normal, sensible precautions one would take anywhere while on holiday, tourists can have a wonderful visit here, and return home much enriched. But Watson’s blog is pure, lurid gore - yellow in every respect - whose only purposes are fearmongering and discouragement. (Not to forget profiteering - he accepts ads on his blog.)" - South Africa Travel Guide

I've had the feeling that people aren't fully trusting Official South African Tourism sites. It's understandable because it is their job to be super positive. They do mention crime and precautions though. I'm adding the above site to my links because it is more intimate. It isn't a billboard. Any tourists: check out all of the sites! And come visit.

In terms of suggestions for what we should do about crime, I've started collecting ideas for a proposal to government. So far I have things ranging from "politicians should give up their own bodyguards" to "increase the alcohol tax" - many crimes occur in conjunction with excessive alcohol use. We need more ideas though, so let's have them.