Saturday, July 08, 2006

Real South Africans

I've been looking through more comments and I have found these which I find interesting.

TraceyJay said...

"... My story is simple really. Coloured 24 year old female South African. My grandfather was assassinated- political reasons. We were exiled for 6 years. I missed my country so much.... We came back and I was treated no longer as a second class citizen, the political system acknowledged me as a person and I was free. The country I came back to was now imprisoned by crime. I remember coming back to people being tyred by fire, and fridges blocking the roads on my way to school. 22 December 2004, I was raped and beaten. I spent Christmas in hospital. ... My grandfather didn't die for this. I am South African because I want to change what is not right. I am South African because I love its people and I love what makes us different, even though it may be scary. I am South African, because I know our past, and that if we came through all that, there is hope for the future. I volunteer at a baby's shelter. Not a big thing at all, but its the little things we do that contribute to a better society. I am vigilant and careful but not paranoid. I refuse to not live fully, and trust fully. ..."

11:30 AM, July 08, 2006

Rush said...
"Its hilarious how some call the younger generation or thos who are 20 or younger or even older "ignorant". These are the youth who have grown in up in this new South Africa. They are the ones who have faced the daily challenges of crime, poverty etc. So when a 20 year old takes a stand to be positive about South Africa he is labelled ignorant. ... Is South Africa perfect? No, but we're proud of it and will always be. Just to be part of this generation of South Africa is a privilege and honour. Before our eyes our country has changed for the better. You have a choice to be bitter about daily negatives or the choice to be positive about how far we have come and how far we will get in the future."

5:23 PM, July 07, 2006

I'd also like to thank Wayne Visser, co-author of "South Africa: Reasons to Believe" for his support.

Also, my 'tourist count' appears to be increasing. We now have contributors from the UK, USA, Japan, Spain and New Zealand.

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An Idea

500 of you have visited this blog and voiced your opinions. Now, I've had an idea. I've put some links down the side of the page. There are options there to donate money (which isn't necessarily the best idea in my opinion) and also options to DO something, countrywide. Some of the charities and foundations ask for volunteers or for money. Do what you can. Maybe give time and money. We all want to improve South Africa. Here's how. Also, keep your eyes open. FIFA will soon be looking for 2010 volunteers.

Secondly, I want to point out that I'm not sticking my head in the ground and denying that there is crime in South Africa. I don't walk down polished pavements and sing happy tunes (all the time). I am saying, and I think many people aren't understanding me, that Mr Watson is going about solving our problems in a repulsive fashion. Our government should do more, but we shouldn't sit back and be complacent. We should do something too.

If there are any suggestions for more charities or foundations, please let me know.


Good Morning

This site has been active for just under 24 hours and I am pleased to say that it has had just under 500 comments so far, 492 to be exact. Today, I am planning to try and give a little more structure to the site, so bear with me if things go a little skew.

I have already tried to organise the comments in a 'descending' pattern, but have been rather unsuccessful. Please use the comment section under this post to comment.

In other news, I read in one of the comments that the gory image that Mr Watson has on his site at the moment is not a South African picture. Rather, it comes from a web site called '' I haven't checked up on this because I dread seeng what else is on that site, but if anyone knows the truth please let me know. If it is true, it takes Mr Watson's site to a whole new level. If he is lying about his 'picture', he's probably lying about his stats et cetera.

I'll continue to update you as the day progresses.