Thursday, August 17, 2006

I didn't think this would happen

Hi there again everyone.

I'm guessing by now that the fiasco has died down and I will be able to post without receiving loads of hate mail in my inbox. I didn't think I would post here again, but surprisingly, there are still people wanting to know what I think.

I read the twenty-four comments that are under my goodbye post, and frankly, how could I not say anything? I'm giving up my 'impartiality' and I'll be the twenty year old I am. From what I can gather, a lot of people will not like that, but I don't expect there are still many people watching this site.

There is an anonymous poster who is a deranged lunatic. I understand that people will find it funny to comment and swear for no reason (a ten year old perhaps) but I don't understand how some people can believe the trashy things they say.

For the last couple of weeks I've had people emailing me telling me about new sites, old sites, future sites and ideas for sites relating to crime in South Africa. I looked at one today. It was that site that caused me to want to say something in an unmoderated place. There are so many bad Proud South Africa sites now. They will probably fade away into the ether of the internet, but they are made by people who believe they can make a difference, and that is what is cool. If those web masters are reading this, don't be offended. The sites all have strong points and even influencing one person is a difference you may not have made without the site.

I also wanted to say that I wasn't frightened off by the threats and the morons giving me grief because I am young. I just thought it was time for people to move on. The debate was becoming stagnant and meaningless. I like it that people want to talk and are free to offer thier opinions. I just expected more from people. I expect people to help make South Africa better, and truthfully, sitting around computers arguing isn't quite cutting it. Many of the comments I made were sarcastic in my last post. Not many people get my humour apparently. C'est la vie.