Friday, August 18, 2006

Back in the Game

Well, welcome back everyone.

My email inbox has picked up again, but please rather comment on the site. It makes life easier and it also allows other users to follow what I am saying.

I think it is important to address a particular comment so that I can move the discussion in more productive direction. Jen has said that I wanted some of Neil Watson's publicity to rub off on me. What I really wanted was to rub off some of Neil's publicity, if that makes any sense. I didn't try to "come across as an opposition to his site". I was opposing his site, and I still do. I think it is trash. Jen is convinced that Neil's site is working (i.e. the crime rate is dropping?). I just don't think anyone can say that yet. It's way too early, and if it was working, I'm sure Neil would be the first to proclaim on his site how peaceful South Africa is getting (see the note on sarcasm in my previous entry).

Jen also says that Neil accepts his critics. If she is interested, I welcome her to email me to receive information on people who have attempted to comment on his site. As I expected when I started this blog, I was not the only critic of Neil's who was barred from commenting on his site.

Although I have much more to say, I noticed that there were requests for me to keep my posts brief, so I'll save it for another day. What I will say, however is that I will not let Neil Watson "run a net campaign... without unneccessary opposition" because as everyone no doubt knows, opposition is what makes a democracy. If I want to say something, I will, but I will be mindful of others and I will respect their opinions, whether they are 5, 43 or 102 years old. Credibility is not lost in debate and argument. Credibility is lost in unchallenged bias. A child's playground is one of the most honest and progressive places. If that is what some people think this blog has become, so be it. As the saying goes "Children are our future". By simple logic: The people who believe in what this site stands for will succeed in the end.